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HansPeter Muff
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HansPeter Muff Great, I love this music.

Grossartig, ich liebe diese Musik, so unverkennbar eigenwillig.
Das Bass-Clarinet Solo von Lils bei Track 8 ist eine Wucht, bitte mehr davon. Ein wirklich Zauberhafter Abgang bei Midnight Raven. Ich bin gespannt auf auf weitere Werke. Favorite track: Strange Ocean Child.
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Ice Soldiers 05:02
The glistening gloom Wrapped into mist Figures of ice surrounding me Tinkling in despair Singing haunted songs of realms From centuries past The whispering wind Bearing their shields Icicles shining dangerously Piercing spears of glass Silent screams in frozen wars Of times gone by Crackeling souls Translucence Melting down Marching for the very last time To the pulsing beat Of deadened drums Carved out of ice The glistening gloom Absence resounds Years they dissolve from ice to sea Into tides of time Leaving only echoes of Unspoken words
Lost in Time 04:47
Have you ever seen time standing still? An old picture on my dusty shelf Reminding me of forgotten treasure Of summertimes on sun-beamed hills Dancing in those yellow fields Of gold of pleasure Oooh... Have you ever seen time standing still? A kiss amongst a restless crowd The crown in a cloud and lost in space Electric beams flowing though my veins A thrill of love upon my face A warm embrace Oooh... Following footsteps of the past, where to? Wrapped in moments here and now with you Future’s a puzzle leaving me with pieces to pursue Oooh...
Loved my feather bed Golden chandelier Felt both safe and sound And yet I was curious When my mother passed Questions took her place Sang myself to sleep Woke up with a stranger tune You can live my past I will live your now Open up my book Take a look inside my soul Tangled up in words Mystery is my old friend I’m one step ahead Story’s you the story’s me Take a look Cause this is what you’ve been waiting for You’ve been asking for it But are you ready? I can show you What you’ve been What you’ll be Do you want to see? Oh think real good about it Think real good about it! Come with me Come with me Come with me now The moment is near the shadows are here This is the chance to dance with me Cast out your fears open your ears And you might see who you can See who you can be Those shades of gloom will open their tombs Join in the mist you’ll turn and you’ll twist Tonight Sway and swirl with glee Ghosts 1, 2 and 3 simultaneously: Ghost 1: The dead and alive will blend their woes And skeletons wear their finest clothes Tonight Young and old will shake their chattering bones Ghost 2: Join in the ghostly dancing night Moonbeams are casting down their light Tonight Young and old will shake their clanking bones Ghost 3: Black and white will shift their tones Young and old will shake their bones Join in the ghostly dancing night Moonbeams are casting down their light Tangled up in words Mystery is my old friend I’m one step ahead Story’s you the story’s me Grieved my mother’s past Seen what things will come Moved with shadowed shapes And I sang their haunting songs Now I’ll close my eyes Give myself to chance Mystery’s my old friend Story’s you the story’s me
Interlude 1 00:26
Her hair Hissing snakes Thirteen eyes Made of pearls Golden tears Dripping among Silvery crests They curl around Slimy white skin Licking on Coral bones Flapping gills Peel away scales Ghastly grace Beneath The black mirror bed Caverns gaunt Chapels green Frightening beasts Magnetic obscure Her home Strange ocean child Sing for me Stormy songs That will mourn Ears of night Illuminate Eyes of day
I’m climbing these stairs They‘re leading nowhere Will the circle close Or come around? Not sure if I am going up or down The more that I want the less I got The more that I am the more I’m not I try to soar but then I dive The more I say the more I lie So much sense confuses me You let me go I’m still not free To do what I want I’m way too scared For paradox I’m not prepared Pro or con and good or evil Sad or glad I‘m going mad I can‘t seem to choose Coniunctio Oppositorum Opposites will clash together Too much to lose A gentle leaf gets torn by the wind A stiff old trunk gets kicked in the shin A handful of sand gets cast to the breeze A block of ice makes me freeze Night and day are side by side Dawning the dusk and dusking the dawn Friends and foes are sharing one face Beware of friends greet the unknown A thesis and its antithesis teases us and synthesizes Ties me in knots To be or not to be is not the question it’s the answer It’s the truth in between I resign I’m fine with disillusions Seeing through Misleading false conclusions Sailing to the middle stream Can‘t decide for one extreme Drifting in between Ebb or tide Wax or wane Above or below I‘m running in circles Whichever path I’ll take I’ll come around
Interlude 2 00:16
On the route to Perdition, there’s a train that alchemically transforms dead people into ghostly angels. The process takes place in three stages, in three different compartments: In the first compartment, cheerleading skeletons welcome the new guests and give them a pep talk about dying with a little show called “meet your maker”. In the second compartment, the guests are whipped and punished, separating spirit from flesh and bone. But don’t worry, this stage is cooed on by pigeons. In the last compartment, angels emerge from the thrashed bodies. And finally, they swoosh off into eternity. In the end, they will be shooting with stars. Cheerleading skeletons Greeting new passengers Pep talks and shows about death To give them courage Then they’ll be sent To detach soul from body Free for ever more Welcome welcome come on closer Welcome to the transformation train Don’t be scared we know this might seem frightening Just a couple steps to go through Then you’ll be released eternally Floating into oblivion Souls will fly! First they’ll be whipping you a little Getting your soul free from your body Don’t worry, the pigeons will take care of you. And before you know it, you’ll be ready to go! Meet your maker Don’t be scared to die, die, die DIE! Face the truth Face it now Face it Badubedibu? Their flesh will be cut from their bones So that their spirit will be free! Release me Transform me Pigeon coo Courage crew Cheerleading skeletons Greeting new arrivals Pep talks and shows about death To shake their panic Then they’ll be sent To detach soul from body Free for ever more On the route to Perdition, strange voices can be heard: Cheering, squealing, angelical singing, always followed by ear-piercing whistles and clattering metal, reminding vaguely of a run-down train. Many a villager has woven those sounds into his dreams, waking up in the morning and trying to remember if they were real or just a figment of their alchemical imagination.
Once upon a midnight dreary Tapping at my door obsidian feather All she said was “Nevermore” Quoth the raven of dark stormy weather Lost for evermore Came tapping, and flapping Try to find my name In ghostly lamplight Let me think: “Your name’s Lenore” Quoth the raven: “Nevermore” In the darkness of night I’m peering As the clearness of dawn is nearing Lost for ever more Your name is Lenore The midnight beguiles Our sad soul to smile Magic bird of yore The raven I’m craving Let the angels sing When you come tapping At my door the darkest sound When old midnight comes around


released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Marena Whitcher Switzerland

Swiss/American Avant-Pop artist Marena Whitcher is a multiple award-winning singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actress. Driven by unabashed creativity, bubbling joie-de-vivre and boundless experimental desire beyond any musical genres or rules, this emerging artist is active in the Pop, Jazz, Contemporary Classical Music Theatre and the Film Music scene. ... more

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